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Precautions For Installation Of Mobile Phone Display

Display installation

1.Please don’t press 4 corners hard,that is easy broken for lcd display

Take screen gestures

2.Please check if there is any remaining sundries in the frame of the phone when you replace phone. (Glass residues, metal fragments, remnants of adhesives)

Whether there are debris remaining in the frame

3.The amount of glue should be applied and the glue should be uniform. (If you put too much, the glue will overflow, which will easily cause the screen to burst after the glue dry and harden)

Putting too much glue will overflow

4.The amount of glue should be applied and the glue should be uniform. (If there is less glue, the frame will be not firm,as a resut, it will fall off)

If there is little glue, the result will fall off

5.Don’t be too tightly when fixing it with a rubber band. (It results the backlight to be strained, the screen jumps randomly and the screen bursts)

Do not tighten the rubber band too tightly

6.Before the test, please make sure that the screen holder is in good contact with the motherboard holder, and test it flat ! It is recommended that you wear anti-static gloves, or please put on a bubble bag for testing,To Advoid human body static electric , resulting in insensitive touch.

Display installation

7.Please check if the electrostatic glue is attached properly at the welding place,That will insensitive touch if that is drop.

Display installation

8.Please check if the framed product is adhered tightly.

Display installation

OK, friends, the above is the mobile screen installation tutorial and precautions shared by the editor. If you need to order mobile phone LCD screen or mobile phone built-in accessories, please contact us



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