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How profitable is mobile phone repair?

On our peace of mind repair mobile phone repair platform, many users can find repair personnel who can solve mobile phone problems every day.

However, a very small number of users were unhappy when they heard that they had to pay after consulting the maintenance staff.

On the Internet, the reputation of mobile phone repair is not very good.

When it comes to mobile phone repair, many media will exaggerate.

Negative words such as profiteering, confusion, and unspoken rules also followed.

  • Is cell phone repair really a profitable industry?

Let’s analyze and analyze what are the characteristics of the violent industry?

There are several situations for an industry to maintain huge profits:

First, the nature of monopoly

Monopoly industries are usually profitable because users have no choice.

Therefore, the two barrels of oil, the three major operators, and the four major banks are all Fortune 500 in the world. It is also reasonable to say that they have made huge profits.

Is cell phone repair a monopoly? Obviously not, so this is not true.

Second, the barriers to entry are high

Although there is no monopoly in some industries, the barriers to entry are high. Once you enter and gain a foothold in the industry, you can get rich returns. The most typical examples are medical care and real estate.

The barriers to entry in these two industries are very high, and they are closely related to life-you should pay attention to buying a house and paying attention to illness in order to maintain huge profits.

Therefore, our complaints about high medical expenses and difficulty in buying a house are excusable.

The threshold for the mobile phone repair industry is not high, and it is not so critical. You can throw away a broken mobile phone and buy a new one. It is simply impossible to maintain huge profits.

Third, leading core technology

if there is no core technology, the profit will be very low.

For example, a mobile phone chip, a small chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, costs more than 500, and the profit is quite high.

The same is the mobile phone chip, MediaTek’s is much cheaper, so domestic low-end phones tend to use MediaTek chips.

Although mobile phone repair is also a technical task, most mobile phone problems do not require special advanced technology to solve, and technology is not the key to affecting repair prices.

Four, industry characteristics

There are some industries that are inherently profitable industries, such as the luxury goods industry, the collection industry, the cosmetics industry, the health care product industry, and so on.

Because these industries are at the top of the consumer class, and their user groups are people with the ability to consume, the more profitable the more profitable, the greater the value, and the more profitable is the characteristic of the industry.

The richer people are, the less likely they will be to repair their mobile phones.

Fifth, extremely unbalanced industry conditions

If it is not a monopoly, low barriers to entry, no technological content, and an industry that is not a black industry, would there be no huge profits?

Such an industry is lucrative and lucrative; of course, misery is also very miserable.

For example, in the entertainment industry, big-name celebrities cost tens of millions to appear, while extras may only cost a few dozen yuan.

But this is not the case in the mobile phone industry.

We often hear of celebrities, anchors, etc. becoming famous overnight, making money every day, and quickly reaching the pinnacle of life; but have you ever heard of people who reach the pinnacle of life by repairing their mobile phones? I haven’t heard of it anyway.

To sum up, the mobile phone repair industry is not a profitable industry in all respects. Then why do some people think that this industry is profiteering?



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