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Introduction to the history of mobile phone LCD monitors

Mobile phones have become an indispensable element in our daily lives, and have even become a part of our lives.

Over the past ten years, the mobile phones in our hands have undergone earth-shaking changes. Do you remember what cell phone you used ten years ago? I vaguely remember that my mobile phone ten years ago was the Nokia 7100s, a non-smart phone with the S40 system that was still fashionable at the time.

In the past ten years, whether it is from design, screen size, to camera pixels, to hardware performance, etc., it has been a hot spot for mobile phone manufacturers. Today I will take you to talk about what happened to the mobile phone screen in the past ten years.

  • The development of smartphone screens

Take the previous Nokia N73 as an example. N73 is Nokia’s most popular mobile phone in 2006, with a screen size of 2.4 inches. This was already a large-screen phone at the time-you know, the screen size of the iPhone is 3.5 inches.

At that time, it was called a giant screen, and Nokia’s “full screen” mobile phones 5800, 5233 and other series of mobile phones at that time were only 3.2 inches. At that time, the Apple mobile phone, for people, was simply a giant screen mobile phone. People are still wondering how anyone would bring such a large cell phone. As a result, a few years have passed and everyone is queuing to buy, and even think that the screens of other homes are not that big.

I also suddenly remembered that when Apple released the first plus version of the mobile phone, it specially asked someone to help customers change the pocket size in an Apple store so that they could put the Apple mobile phone.

At that time, Joe’s gang once said that 3.5 inches is the best The best screen size, but with the advancement of technology, this sentence is no longer applicable.

The size of the screen has changed from 2.4 inches to 3.5 inches, 4.0 inches, 5.0 inches, etc., and now basically 6.0 inches.

  • Changes in the screen size of mobile phones in the past ten years

The most intuitive and biggest change that smartphones have brought to people over the years is the size of the screen.

People’s first impression is that the screens of mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, and even the current bracelet screens are bigger than they were in the past. The screens of Motorola and Nokia’s mobile phones should be excellent and large. Compared with the first screens of black and white screens that year, they have developed to colorful screens. Pay attention! It is a colorful screen, not even a color screen. Color screens are already the next generation of products, and later LCD, OLED, and screens of various materials.

In addition to the changes in the material of the mobile phone screen, the biggest change is the size.
At that time, Joe’s helper insisted on using a 3.5-inch screen because he felt that it was the best size for users to operate with one hand, and it was also the best balance between the convenience of human one-handed operation and the rationality of the mobile phone. Mobile phone design.
Apple manufacturers and fans are convinced that small but beautiful is the soul of the iPhone.
However, who would have thought that when the iPhone 5 was released, the size of Apple’s mobile phone had already exceeded 4 inches.

After that, Apple’s mobile phone screen continued to break through, and the iPhone 6 plus version was released, and then the iPhone X became the 6.5-inch screen of the iPhone XS Max, creating the largest screen size phone in the history of Apple’s mobile phone.
There is no best size, only the most suitable size for consumers. Consumers can’t wait to wait for you in a 5.5-inch body.

  • The realization of the concept of full screen, the emergence of mobile phones with high screen-to-body ratio

It is precisely this consumer demand that manufacturers are working hard to do better. Let’s not talk about how to install a 100-inch mobile phone on a 5.5-inch mobile phone. First, let’s solve how to install a 5.4-inch mobile phone on a 5.5-inch mobile phone. The screen, this is already a difficult problem for mobile phone manufacturers.

At the XIAOMI new product launch conference on October 25, 2016, a concept phone-XIAOMI MIX was released. 6.4-inch customized full screen, 91.3% screen-to-body ratio, ultra-narrow bezel. At that time, the eyes were full of screens, and the eyes were full of shock.

  • Diversification of design

In order to pursue the form of a full screen, more special-shaped screens have appeared. Until now, the folding screens, from narrow bezels, ID no bezels to full screens, are our mobile phone manufacturers regardless of size changes, screen materials, and resolution enhancements.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, we have also seen technological progress, especially the changes in the appearance design of mobile phones, from whether it is an Apple mobile phone or an Android mobile phone. The appearance of the screens we saw during the years has also undergone a major change.

In the past, the frame of mobile phones had large white borders and large black borders. In order to maximize the screen-to-body ratio, the first thing to do was to eliminate the frame problem.

On this issue, Meizu has done a better job, and there is Xiaomi’s mix. For the series of mobile phones, some manufacturers were unable to solve this problem, or that other manufacturers did not do well, so they roguely proposed a new concept-ID without borders, which means that people seem to have no borders. In fact, The border is too big.

After achieving the extremely narrow frame, the manufacturers began to work on the upper and lower parts, namely the forehead and chin of the mobile phone.

Sharp did a good job in this regard, but Sharp moved too fast, and people at that time could not accept it. Sharp’s “Beauty Point” screen was really amazing, but not many people could accept it. Later, I used a design that I couldn’t accept more than Sharp—Liu Haiping. However, a large number of manufacturers followed suit to design Liu Haiping. , In further development, the beauty tip changed its name and appeared in the mobile phone design, renamed it dripping screen, which shows how advanced Sharp’s design concept was at that time. After so long, some manufacturers still picked it up and used it.

After the water drop screen, I saw a design that surprised people very much, that is, the hole-digging screen, which can be called the ultimate killer of obsessive-compulsive disorder-leave a black dot in the middle of the screen, it can’t be wiped off, and it can’t be hidden.

However, the hole-digging screen is also a technological advancement, much more advanced than some manufacturers copying the beauty tip. One of the most novel screen design solutions is probably the folding screen.

Thanks to the emergence of flexible screens, it is possible to hide the 5.5-inch 10-inch screen. When it comes to folding screens, I don’t know if you still remember the ZTE Tianji AXON.

Its folding-wing design at that time was really advanced, and it once made people shout that domestic products were prosperous, but the voice was so high, and there were not many people who really could afford it.

Even now, folding screen mobile phones are still very expensive, believe in the tradition The new full-screen mobile phone is still the main force for mobile phone consumers to choose in the future.


The efforts made by mobile phone manufacturers to cater to the needs of consumers are obvious to all, not only the changes in the size of the mobile phone screens, but also the changes in the materials of the mobile phone screens, the changes in the materials of the mobile phones, and so on.

And I believe that mobile phones in the future may disappear, and manufacturers no longer pursue the size of the screen and how to maximize the space with limited resources.

What I believe even more is that in the future, 5G development is mature enough, and AR technology is advanced enough.

In the future, our screens will appear in the form of projection or screen projection, and our mobile phones will become a bracelet or a pair of glasses. , Not only the era of ESIM card has come, we rely on one IP is enough, no mobile phone card is needed.

Finally, friends, if you want to buy mobile phone LCD screens and mobile phone accessories. Please contact us.



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