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How many iPhone LCD screen suppliers are there?

iphone display manufacturer

The current Apple LCD screen technology is In-Cell:

it refers to the method of embedding the touch screen function into the liquid crystal pixels, that is, embedding the touch sensor function in the display screen, making Apple thinner and more transparent.

At the same time, the In-Cell screen needs to be embedded with a matching touch ICs。

otherwise it will easily lead to incorrect touch sensing signals or excessive noise.

iphone display manufacturer

Apple LCD screen suppliers:

iiPhone 5-6 series LCD screen suppliers: LG, Sharp, Toshiba, JDI

6s-7 series LCD screen suppliers: LG, JDI

iPhone display

Under normal circumstances, the color temperature of Sharp, Toshiba, and JDI screens is colder.

Among them, Sharp acquired Foxconn after the iPhone 6 was released due to the financial crisis.

Because of this, LG has become the largest supplier of LCD screens for the iPhone 7 series.

Apple Supplier Craft

LCD screen production

Apple suppliers will first use Henkel’s custom-made 10:1 ratio ring chlorine glue for Apple to attach the cover to the bracket.

Third-party vendor process

LCD screen production

Third-party manufacturers first use UV water glue to bond the screens produced by third-party manufacturers, and then cure them with ultraviolet light.

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