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13 years of experience in this business.

LUCENT is the world’s leading mobile phone spare parts and screen display (LCD) production research and development and spare parts supplier. With solutions spanning four key areas (LCD screen, glass + OCA, touch screen and parts), we are committed to creating a completely competitive quality and price for everyone, each customer field and each enterprise .

LUCENT’s product, quality system and service portfolio are both competitive and efficient. , We create lasting value for customers, are committed to empowering customers to grow together, enrich family life, and inspire innovation in various forms and scales of services.

LUCENT insists on the service boundary and two “don’ts” (we don’t make poor quality, and don’t contact customer competition data). LUCENT and customers innovate together and continue to create value for customers and partners. As of February 2018, LUCENT has more than 100 services in 14 categories and more than 60 solutions, specifically for distributors, wholesalers, e-commerce, retail, repairers, and other fields, serving many well-known companies.

Global smartphone screen manufacturing (LCD) personalization and smart devices. Through four key products (glass + OCA, smart device touch screen), Langlang finds the quality and price of the screen for every customer.

Lucent’s product and service portfolio is competitive. Through open cooperation with partners from all over the world, such as freight forwarding, ocean freight, air freight, DHL express, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc., we will create cost-effective freight, safe, fast, rich communication, multi-form and new customers surface.

Innovation focuses on customer needs. We research and invest in basic research, focusing on technological breakthroughs that drive the world forward. We have more than 500 employees and our business development covers more than 170 countries and regions. In 2009, Lucent was established as a private company wholly owned by employees.

Lucent provides high-quality, highly-evaluated screen system solutions, including high-quality versions of TFT, incell, OLED and original designs, as well as continuous attention and commitment to supporting customers.

Lucent is a leading brand in the mobile phone accessories industry. Xunxun provides reliable business, win-win and sustainable future services

Communication helps large, medium and small enterprises to solve the problems needed by the industry and accurately grasp future business opportunities. It helps them grow and secures their future.


5 fully automated LCD production lines, 5 semi-automatic LCD+Glass touch production lines with a daily output of 50,000 pieces

The first group of detection: detection of black spots, bright spots, image blur, display effects, flicker, etc.

System data transmission, guarantee LCD screen operation, and backlight detection


Test 2 groups, 100% original machine detection: touch, sensitivity

Packaging, all packaging has strict procedures, we will provide: LOGO stamp, identification label, anti-static bag, bubble bag, boxing, second boxing

Multi-style packaging, according to different customer needs, we use 10 pieces/20 pieces in a box, as well as separate boxes, and can customize packaging according to customer needs

Sara Zhong

13 years of export experience, professional products and industry knowledge, understand the hot-selling products in various countries, and provide you with the best quality service.

May Wu

This is May from Lucent,mainly in charge of South America's market,with over 10 years in this industry.
Professional in shipping to your country,helping avoid high tax,offer import suggestions and good services
24 hours Online Whatsapp/Wechat:+8617724031967 Email:may@lucentpart.com

Queenie Huang

I'm Queenie,To be own Queen, 13 years' export experience for mobile phone lcd screen and spare parts,I will offer my professional suggestion and experience to you Work style:Sincerely/Honest/Efficient
+86 13380017449 (whatsapp/Wechat )

Elena Yuan

Specialized in South America North America Africa ,know different countries customs commercial invoice. Patience and professional
+86 13316065815 (whatsapp/Wechat )

Vincent Liang

We are a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices.

Karina Liang

13 years Special in South American Market We manufacture Complete LCD Display for Mobile Cell Phones with Competitive Price
+ 86 13380033214 (Whatsapp/Wechat )
Spanish English 24 Hour online

Kavin Feng

Effective Work and Humorous
Professionals in mobile phone spare part
Communication in Spanish and English
+86 13302382367 (Whatsapp/Wechat)
Do not hesitate to contact me!

Carrie Deng

13 years Specialized in South American/Europe/Africa Market We manufacture Complete LCD Display for Mobile Phones with Competitive Price
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24 Hours online

Melissa Deng

I have 13 years of global mobile phone displays and spare parts sales experience, professional, careful, patient and efficient, can help you plan your business, we can do win-win cooperation, and grow stronger.
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Echo Mai

Efficient and responsible post-90s, professional in mobile parts and different markets, like Latin America, North America, Middle East,Europe, and Africa,etc. English and other languages for working.
+86 17819116056 (Whatsapp /Wechat)

Liky Li

Specializes in the LCD screen market, is the person in charge of LCD screens, proficient in Spanish and English, 24 hours online !
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good at speaking Spanish and English, communicate smoothly with South American countries that speak Spanish,responsible for the South American market, especially Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, etc,online 24 hours a day, plesae do not hesitate to contact me.

Jennie Ling

Years of professional experience and insights on the global market of mobile phone accessories, proficient in English, Spanish and other languages, high-quality products and excellent services to help you expand your business

Amber Li

13 years Special in Mobile phone We manufacture Complete LCD Display for Mobile Cell Phones with Competitive Price
+ 86 13600041945 (Whatsapp/Wechat) Attentive service 24 Hour Online !!!


I work professional in mobile phone LCD touch screen . I know many country makets well ,can give you professional advice about imports and your market .If you want to know more details


With more the 13 years of experience on mobile phone lcd screen and spare parts and a great communication on spanish and english , we are going to make your business become competitive and Top 1 on the market

Lucent insists on the service boundary and three “persistences” (responsibility, service, quality). Lucent and customers innovate together and continue to create value for customers and partners. As of September 2021, Lucent has more than 100 services in 14 categories and more than 60 solutions, specifically for distributors, wholesalers, e-commerce, retail, repairers and other fields, serving many customers.

The Lucent brand is owned by Lucent Electronic Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Lucent’s rich professional knowledge combines the most advanced LCD technology and 13 years of high-quality production and export experience, and is committed to developing innovative and cost-effective product solutions on a global scale.

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