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Among many industries, I chose the mobile phone accessories industry!

Regardless of the era, seizing the opportunity is the most important.

Entering an industry, how to judge whether this industry brings you prospects is a very important part.

Otherwise, no matter how strong you are and opt out of the industry, your ambitious goals will not be achieved.

Take myself as an example.

This year, it was precisely because of choosing the mobile phone accessories business that the freedom of wealth was realized.

Let me talk about the relationship between mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. In layman’s terms, mobile phone accessories refer to related accessories that are directly used when using a mobile phone, which is what we usually call the secondary products of mobile phones.

The split mainly includes built-in mobile phone accessories and external mobile phone accessories.

If it is subdivided, mobile phone LCDs, glass back covers, etc. are all built-in accessories.

Both mobile phones and mobile phone accessories are indispensable, because their combination has become a matching system we often use.

Nowadays, almost everyone is inseparable from mobile phones.

In any case, the mobile phone accessories industry will never be replaced by anything.

This is also an important reason why I choose the mobile phone accessories industry.

Where there is demand, there is a market.As we all know, profit is the selling price minus the cost price.

If I want to gain a competitive advantage, then my price must not be set high, so at the beginning, I can only start with the cost.

Although the cost is low, the quality must be guaranteed.

It took a lot of effort in the early stage to screen the source of goods before finding a product with high cost-effectiveness.

Having said that, some friends may wonder where my supply comes from. After all, I pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of the product.

In fact, by chance, I found a website with all the sources I wanted.

In the beginning, I bought some in small batches with the mentality of experimenting. The result did not disappoint me. The docking company is also responsible for the formal company. Guys, I gave big price discounts. Of course, these discounts eventually became my profit.



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