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Mobile phone screen replacement tips

Mobile phone screen replacement tips

  • Precautions for disassembly

Use a tool to separate the LCD screen from the housing body. Gradually lift it from the bottom and along the edge of the screen. Don’t lift it too high. Watch out for the internal cables! !

If you use a blade, it must be along the edge of the frame, be careful to use clever force. You can quickly separate the two, and if you’re not used to using a blade, you can also use a suction cup! !

  • Installation precautions

There is a groove on the motherboard for placing cables. The assembled cable will be longer than the original and needs to be fully seated in the groove.

If the flex cable is protruding, the flex cable will be damaged by folding, which will cause many problems, such as insensitive touch, unable to touch, the screen is not bright or unstable after a period of use, such as screen flickering, the flex cable squeezes the screen, and sometimes the LCD screen May break on the spot.

Therefore, when installing, be sure to bury all cables in the groove. Do not press hard on the LCD screen. You should snap and install it along the bracket. Otherwise, it is easy to cause screen damage! ! !

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