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Little common sense about mobile phone screens

Today, when mobile phones are frequently used, people rely more and more on mobile phones. The probability of cell phone screen rupture is getting higher and higher.

Let’s talk about the things about changing the screen together, and save it in case you need it.

In order to facilitate understanding, the mobile phone is divided into 4 parts;

External screen: The external screen refers to the outermost glass of the mobile phone screen, which is the part that our fingers touch every day.

Below the external screen is the second part of the mobile phone display. The display screen is simply the display part of the mobile phone. The external screen and the display are collectively referred to as components.

The components are installed on the front of the third part of the frame of the mobile phone, and on the back of the frame are the battery of the mainboard of the mobile phone and the tail board.
The fourth part is the back cover of the phone.

There are two places to change the screen.

One is the official after-sale service of the brand. The advantage is that the product quality is guaranteed.

After all, it is the original product. The quality of the product is guaranteed after the sale. The price is expensive. If your external screen is broken, the after-sales service will also replace the assembly and frame for you.

For after-sales replacement, you only need to install the motherboard, battery, tail plug plate and back cover of the phone on the new one. The aging will be faster and better.

The second is the replacement in the mobile phone repair shop outside, and the replacement outside. Some details need to be known. The outside repair shop tells you the original screen.

Generally, only the display screen is original. If the outside glass is broken, it will be cheaper to replace it outside. The disadvantage is that the assembly and frame are post-glued, and there will be differences in personal skills and after-sales.

Generally speaking, the price difference between the display and the after-sales is not big. Some hot goods have a premium.

It is recommended that if you have a mobile phone with a curved screen, try to buy a broken screen insurance! ! ! Changing the screen will scare you.

If the external screen is broken, don’t go to the after-sales service. If the display is broken, the best solution is to go to the after-sales service.

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