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Precautions For Phone Screen Repair

screen repair

1.Please check the appearance of the screen for damage;

Check the packaging

2.Please check whether the cable is damaged;

Pay attention to the cable layout

3.Please check if the connector (socket) is dropped;

Quality inspection

4.Please check whether the mounted product is tightly attached;

screen repair

5.Please check whether the electrostatic glue at the welding place is properly attached

Electrostatic glue
  • Please note before installation

1.Please test first.

Quality inspection
2.It is recommended that you wear anti-static gloves, or please wear a bubble bag for testing.
Put on a bubble bag to test

3.Please test if the backlight is crushed

screen repair

4.Please test if the touch is sensitive

Installation Precautions

5.Please test if there is defective in displaying

Installation Precautions

6.Check the position of the cable.

Installation Precautions
  • Cautions when installing the screen

1. Please don’t press 4 corners hard

Pay attention to the screen

2. Please check if there is any remaining sundries in the frame of the phone. (Glass residues, metal fragments, remnants of adhesives)

Installation Precautions

3.The amount of glue applied should be even. (If you put too much, the glue will overflow, and the screen will burst if the glue dries hard)

screen repair

4.The amount of glue applied should be even.

screen repair

5.Use proper force when fixing with rubber bands.

screen repair

Note: Choose the right size of the rubber ring, and the number of laps corresponding to the width of the roll



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