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What is the future prospect of the mobile phone accessories industry?

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According to the “Analysis Report on Market Demand and Investment Planning of China’s Mobile Phone Accessories Industry”. In recent years, with the continuous growth of global mobile phone shipments. The market demand for mobile phone accessories shows a rapid growth trend. By 2014, the global mobile phone accessories market had exceeded 45 billion U.S. dollars.

Mobile phone spare parts
  • analyze:

First of all, The value (average unit price) of a new machine is around 1200-2000 yuan. If there is a problem, repair is still a common choice!

Secondly, whether it is the repair of the mobile phone itself, or mobile phone-related products, such as casing, film, etc., repair supplies and mobile phone accessories are very popular.

Third, now mobile phone repair is no longer a simple mobile phone repair. It also includes restoring mobile phone data, such as photos, messages, chat history, etc. If you think that cell phone repair is just repairing the phone, sticking the film, and changing the screen, then you are out.

Finally, the brands and types of mobile phones are updated quickly and are widely used. They are already irreplaceable products in people’s lives. Therefore, no matter how the times progress, how to update mobile phones. It will only make your entrepreneurial road go smoother and smoother.

  • Summarize:

Driven by the downstream demand of commercial cities, the size of the mobile phone accessories market is showing a rapid growth trend. It is estimated that by 2020, the size of the mobile phone accessories market is expected to exceed 480 billion yuan, and the mobile phone accessories industry has a bright future.

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